A brief outline of what's new in Digital Measures

Thursday, October 8, 2015 - 4:23pm

Several changes have been made to Digital Measures the past few months. Here are 10 of the more prominent.

Capture once1. All classes now imported within Scheduled Teaching - This includes student teaching, internships, individual studies and other types of directed student learning which were not automatically added to teaching entries. 

2. Search your records for specific entries - A search box is now featured near the top of all pages within Digital Measures. You can now search by various keywords, including titles or locations.

3. Import Publication info via BibTex file or PubMed database - This will allow entries to be populated easier.

4. Screen options better organized - Various screens have been renovated, including Publications. It now includes a notation emphasizing the importance of publication status matching an appropriate date (for example, Published entries must have a Published Date). 

5. Service screens combined - There are now two screens instead of five, with one for department, college and university service, and another for public and professional.

6. Biographical sketch report for NIH, NSF grants added - With regard to format, these reports are still being fine-tuned. They allow users to quickly modify grant applications.

7. Workshop information better defined - An existing screen was modified to be called Personal Professional Development Attended, and includes workshops of that nature. Workshops you have directed are to be input within Other Teaching Activities (eg. guest lecturing, mentoring). 

8. Research In Progress screen modified - This screen is meant to capture efforts toward scholarship, if needed. It now allows you to enter a date research was completed, and its status (published, submitted, abandoned, etc.)

9. Support person in place for help - Rob Robertson is the University Administrator for Digital Measures. He can be reached via email (robertsonrw@appstate.edu) or phone (x8997). This website will also be updated with additional support features. 

10. Efforts to improve the application continue - Efforts are underway to create new reports in the system, including specific vita needs (either by college or discipline) as well as accreditation report. If you would like to recommend a potential report, please select the "Contact" tab at the top of the page, or email robertsonrw@appstate.edu.

These were all alteration made during a Responsive Redesign of the application. Suggested improvements are welcome, as efforts continue to increase the ease and use of Digital Measures on campus.

By the end of November, a Cosmetic Redesign will be implemented. Screens and fields will remain the same. The overall design and look of the system will be more modern

If you have any questions, the University Administrator for DIgital Measures can meet with you at your convenience. Robertson can also conduct training or demonstrations for departments or other groups of faculty, if desired.