Five-step introduction to Digital Measures

Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 11:46am

1. What is Digital Measures?

Digital Measures in an online application available for faculty to record in- and out-of-classroom activities for the purposes of university reporting, including annual reviews, accreditation needs and personal vitas. Faculty are asked to keep various research and service activities up-to-date, including publications, presentations, college/university committee work and other endeavors.

2. How do you login?

There is a login link at the top left of this page. It should direct you to the Shibboleth Single Sign-On, in which you enter your university username and password. You will see two options on the top menu, "Activities" and "Reports". Your landing page defaults to your Activities. 

3. On your first login, what should you review?

You will land on your main page within DM. You will see several types of screens - which appear as links - listed in five groups:

  • General Information
  • Reports
  • Teaching
  • Scholarship/Research
  • Service

Three screens should be prepopulated with information from Banner - “Personal and Contact Information,” “Permanent Data” and “Yearly Data.” Please review them for accuracy.

The “Personal and Contact Information” screen includes an option to enter teaching and research interests, as well as teaching philosophy. There is also an option to upload a vita.

The “Current and Past Positions Held” screen allows you to record work history, including the position you now hold.

The Reports options are used to populate just that, reports. This includes the annual Performance Evaluation, which is used to craft self-evaluations and chair comments, and Notable Indicators, which allows faculty to select up to five highlights from a specific year's work in teaching, scholarship, research and service. 

4. What are your options to backfill historical data?

If you previously worked at a university at which you maintained a Digital Measure account, please contact the university Digital Measures administrator Rob Robertson ( with the name of your former institution and request your information be migrated.

Within the Publications screen, you can conduct an automated search of the publication database to find articles of which you may be the author. It will search its database for publication records which include your name, then offer you the option of verifying search results and adding them to your record within DM.

With regard to how much information to enter, it is to the discretion of your department chair as to the time span relevant for historical activities. There is also an option - with approval from the department chair - to give someone affiliated with the department, such as a graduate assistant, read/write access to enter faculty data. Contact for more information.

5. How often should you update Digital Measures?

It is recommended that you review and update information at the end of the fall and spring semesters. For departments/colleges using DM for annual reviews, your profile should be as current as possible prior to the end of the fall semester.


If at any time you have questions or comments regarding Digital Measures, you are encouraged to contact the university administrator.

Below is a PDF handout based on the information on this page. 

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