Publications: Import a BibTeX file

Friday, February 3, 2017 - 12:08pm

Digital Measures now allows users to import BibTeX files in order to add publication entries. BibTeX files are available as a download from various software and databases, such as Google Scholar, EndNote, and RefWorks. 

When reviewing search results from those clients, there should appear a "Cite" option. Clicking it will allow citation information to be downloaded as a BibTeX file. This file can then be uploaded into Digital Measures. This replaces the need to manually input all of the relevant fields, such as title, authors, publisher, etc.

To import a BibTeX file:

- Login to Digital Measures. From the main menu select "Publications".

- At the top, right hand portion of the screen are two options - "Import" and "Add New Item". Select "Import"

- Users will see the following screen, which allows users to either Import from a BibTex file, or Import from Third Party.


- Under the Import from a BibTex file section, click "Choose file." Select the BibTeX file.

- Digital Measures will import the file.

- Users will be asked to verify whether co-authors work on campus. If applicable, select their name from the dropdown. Once complete, click "Continue."

- Review the citation. If correct, click "Finish Import." 

- A prompt will popup saying "You are about to load 1 publication into Publications." Click "Import".

- A popup will confirm the citation was imported successfully, and it will be visible in the existing menu of publications.